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From Buffalo New York

29 Mar 2012| Dublin

From New York to City West Dublin


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Gretchen Dizer is one of the many dancers who danced  at this years All Ireland Championships which were held in the City West Complex on the outskirts of Dublin. Gretchen dances for the Boland School in New York and was their only representative this year at the All Irelands. At 27 years of age she loves to compete and came to the Championships all by herself . A long distance on one's own but that is the passion Gretchen holds for Irish dance.

Gretchen started dancing in 2003 and qualified for the Worlds in 2008.She was recalled in 2009 for the Regionals - Mid Atlantic Region .She has also toured Europe with Ragus the show . In 2010 she won the traditional set dance "Garden of Daisies " at the Mid Atlantic Regionals.

Gretchen + Ciara

Her love of dance and music brought her to study at the University of Limerick where she has completed a Masters in Ethnocrology which involves the study of dance and movement and the interaction between them .

She holds a very high profile position with the New York State Lottery and is featured on tv  frequently for the draw .

Gretchen =Ciara

It was a great pleasure to meet up with Gretchen and have a great interview . It was good being there to share in her All Ireland experience. We wish her the best in the future and for her studies for her TCRG . Looking forward to being kept up to date with her progress and no doubt she will be back some day to Ireland with her own school team!!

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