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12 Aug 2013| Dublin

Donnycarney Feis 2013.........


the day we met

Abigail Cassidy - World Champion


Feiseanna are very busy places.There are all sorts of things to be seen to.Dancers,mothers,adjudicators,organisers,musicians,photographers and even dads have specific jobs to be doing.All things and different things go on before during and after the dancing.All these things make the day enjoyable,hard work and often long!


 Concentration for the dancer is all important.After all a place on the podium is the prize that everyone is after.That said we here at RinceInniu have to be very diplomatic and get our timing just right to record in photography the successes and general life at the feis.

At Donnycarney Feis 2013 we were able to capture Abigail Cassidy and some of her friends after they had danced . Abigail dances out of the Mid Ulster region  at the Hugh McKenna School.



For someone so young Abigail has a lot of achievements already behind her. She already holds the Ulster U-9 and U-10 titles and is a World Champion dancer coming in first at U-10 and U-11 age groups.

We will be following up this article with an interview and more pictures of this high achiever at a feis soon.  Keep an eye out for this as we discover some of the secrets of her success.


 To see more pictures of Abigail CLICK HERE






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