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04 Nov 2012| Dublin

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Sean Mortalo

Sean Mortello


Sean Mortalo is a very enterprising,talented and gifted young man . He is obviously passionate about what he does and what he does ,he does well .Sean was placed 3rd at this years An Comhdháil World Irish Dancing Championships.Combine that achievement with his music talent and we're now going onto a completely new  level . To me he must be the youngest Irish dancer to have his own website and not in Irish dancing but in music.Sean has developed a fantastic site where he showcases his love and talent of Irish music. Sean creates and plays his own music and his tracks are even for sale on his site . The site was developed by his friend Rory Reilly. Sean shows very astute business skills as well, as the site allows the potential buyer to hear some sample tracks before buying . What a summer it has been for Sean . It certainly proves the old saying that "you can't beat the youth". It shows what can be done when focused and driven and it's certainly an inspiration for me and will help RinceInniu fulfill it's dreams ! Click below for the Sean Mortelo site and experience something wonderful .As the advertisement says "you'll be glad you did"!

Sean Mortelo Music

 I believe we have the first major exclusive interview with Sean and I know his music will appeal to everyone in every continent with a love of Irish traditional dance music.  Click the link above and support your fellow dancer and musician.



Name: Sean Mortalo

Dance School: McFadden O’Shaughnessy

Music School: I’m self-taught!

Age Group: U/13

Biggest   Dancing Achievement: 3rd in the World Championships for the 3rd time! I’m also the defending Dublin Champion for 3 years!

Biggest Music Achievement: Setting up a website for my dance music!

My biggest Ambition: My biggest ambition is to win the World Championships and to be one of the top Irish Dance Musician’s  out there.

Why I like dancing: I like dancing because I get all my stress from school and homework out at dancing class and I always have a bit of fun.

Why I like music : Well, I like music because I love the whole Irish tradition and coming from Italy it’s a strange music to be fond of ! I also love trying to play all the new reels from the top musicians!

Instruments played: Piano Keyboard!

Favourite dance show(s)on tv and Why? Got to Dance is my favourite dance show because I love the fact that out of all the dance types ,Irish Dance won this year’s title (It shows that Irish Dance can be just as entertaining as hip hop, ballet, etc.)

Family history in Dancing/Music ? My dad is Italian and my Mum is Irish (but she didn’t do Irish Dance), so I have no family history in Irish Dance or Irish Music.

What equipment makes up your Recording Studio : Well:

  • My Keyboard
  • A USB Cable
  • My laptop
  • My bedroom

 What dancer do you admire most? Conn Power is the dancer I admire most because he is really talented and he has won the All Ireland & International/World Title 8 Times!

What musician do you admire most? I admire Declan Wilson the most because he was the one who boosted confidence in me to start playing seriously and, hearing that he was making a cd inspired me to start a website.

How often do you practice dance/music? Well I practise dancing twice a week at class and about an hour a day at home, and I’m on my keyboard so much my mum bought me headphones so she doesn’t have to listen to me!

Favourite Irish Dance: Hornpipe

Do you dance in shows? Well I danced on TG4’s Jig Gig and I auditioned for RTE’s Pump Up My Dance.

Dance V Music Ooh, that’s a tough one! I’d say dance.

Favourite dance tune ? MacArthurs Road/Glasgow Reel

Have you danced abroad? Unfortunately, no.

Do you see yourself dancing  when your 20 ? Definitely, I couldn’t live without dance!

Do you see yourself recording tracks when your 20? Certainly, I’ll be a dancer/musician for as long as I can be!

Would you like to make a living from dancing / music ? Yes, I’d love to be a dance teacher/adjudicator and play at feiseanna!

Any other thing about your web site? I just want to thank everyone who helped me launch the website! My web designer Rory Reilly, my mum and dad and all my friends and family! And hopefully the web site will be a success! Thanks.

Sean Mortelo 1

 Thanks to Sean for the use of his pictures.



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