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Fergal Costello

Galway dancer ends touring career to bring his unique handmade medal displays to the world of Irish Dancing!

Fergal Costello


Irish Dancer, Fergal Costello, toured for many years with shows such as Lord of the Dance, Dance of Desire, Spirit of Ireland and Celtic Crossroads. In January 2012, however, he decided to combine his love of Irish dance with his passion for woodcraft and set up his business, TouchWood, producing handmade medal display plaques in Tuam, Co. Galway.


“There was a time when I was about 16; I’d decided to stop competing. I probably thought I’d never dance again. I certainly thought I’d never go to another feis. It’s funny how it all turns out. I have danced on 5 continents since then, and now I bring my stall to feises most weekends.”


Fergal’s products are a new take on a traditional idea, hand made medal display plaques. The idea to start TouchWood was borne out of frustration in a recession. “Getting steady work is getting harder for touring dancers. I would have a 4 week tour followed by a 5 week lay off. I knew I wanted to start a woodcraft business, so I worked hard and the eureka moment eventually came.”


Fergal’s observation may sound familiar to many of our readers. ”I have a zip lock lunch bag in a drawer at home, with 3 world, 2 All Ireland, a great Britain and maybe 8 Connacht medals. After all that hard work, it seemed such a shame to have them hidden in a drawer. They should be on display!” TouchWood now ship over 20 varieties of medal displays world wide for sports, Irish dance and music.


While, TouchWood has been going from strength to strength, we wonder if Fergal misses his touring days? “I loved touring, but I love being in business equally. The brilliant thing is that I still get to dance with local groups here in Galway at weddings and concerts, so I’ve got the best of both worlds. I feel absolutely blessed!”


To see more of TouchWood’s medal displays, log on to www.touchwood.ie, or email Fergal@touchwood.ie.


Like touchwoodgalway on facebook and follow on twitter in November to go in to a draw to win a free plaque.


See a video of Fergal dancing and making these unique plaques HERE

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