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Big AppleNews Stateside with Unateresa Gormley

I am the Cultural Director of the New York and New Jersey Rose of Tralee Centers & The Big Apple Feis & Fleadh. Thank you for reaching out to me. I took over the centers last year, every opportunity to promote what we do through our Roses creates innovative solutions to solve some of our greatest challenges. Building our events from scratch, presented some interesting challenges, my biggest challenge was: who do I align myself with and where should I turn for guidance. Every opportunity for the public to see my vision will help me unlock the potential to bring the events to the next level. I have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge, gained from the experiences I encounter during my day to day work, and I have gained valuable insight and understanding of this business/event field. Life experience and my optimistic beliefs has brought me this far and as people get involved they create a lasting legacy that provides me with the tools, the advice and the mentor ship I need to develop and grow. My team (which I can fit in the palm of my hand) works hard to provide the highest standard of planning, innovation, execution and overall professionalism. I am so honored that all our hard work and persistence is beginning to get recognized by such prestigious organizations and professionals like the Irish Consulate, Irish Arts Center, Tourism Ireland, First Irish, and hopefully many more. I understand how we can enrich lives and contribute to innovative leadership; recognizing how arts and culture play a critical role in a balanced and enriched community and discovering the cultural opportunities in New York, Ireland and beyond.

  • I look forward to the opportunity to work with you, building our reputation and strengthening our connections. I have gained valuable insight and pragmatic information from some influential organizations. With support from people like you, I'm very excited about a more outstanding, thought-provoking and cutting-edge organization. I am eager to build upon our relationship, working together towards building a better future for the Big Apple Feis & Fleadh and The New York & New Jersey Rose of Tralee.

    RosenBrigid Rosendale (above)  was one of our contestants in this years event in New York, she was one of our finalists and one of their many duties is to promote the Gathering 2013. Brigid wasn't chosen as our final Rose to represent New York in August, but she has continued to be a great ambassador. She takes her own initiative to help wherever she can to promote Irish Dance, her Irish Culture, the Rose Of Tralee and the Gathering 2013. She is the first to step up to the plate to help at many Feis, wearing her sash promoting her sponsor, Charity Events and PR venues. Once a Rose always a Rose is our motto; we try to keep all the contestants involved in the Rose family and promote them as the "Next Generation of Young Leaders". Brigid is from New Jersey and will be one of our contestants in 2014 for our centers first New Jersey Rose competition since 2007. We are very excited that we have the backing of one New Jersey organizations to help us build on this, we could use a few more, and we are also looking for more young leaders to represent NY & NJ. The doors of the World were opened, to 80 dancers to take part of the Riverdance Masterclass, what an opportunity and experience for these dancers who traveled far and near. Brigid was one of the lucky ones... and to be part of physically promoting the Riverdance Gathering 2013 and longest line of dancers on the Liffey was an Historical event. Since we are so involved with our Irish Culture through dance, music and the Arts, it is a special tribute to us as well to have someone from our Rose family part of this 2013 Record breaking event. Our Rose of Tralee Gathering is in August from the 14th to the 20th and many of our Roses are involved also with The Fleadh Gathering in the Derry, the 2013 City of Culture from the 10th to the 17th of August.


    Some of the past Roses and Escorts are Gathering in Dublin, for Texas Rose in memory of Adrienne Elizabeth Hussey, who passed away on January 19, 2012, aged just 26, as a result of a ruptured brain aneurysm. She had previously represented Texas at the 2010 International Rose of Tralee Festival and immediately fell in love with Ireland and its people, which proved to be the catalyst for her eventual move to Dublin in 2011.

    300k for A will see a team of Adrienne's friends walk 300km over 8 days to raise money for the Adrienne Hussey Scholarship. The walk will see us pass through many counties that Adrienne visited during her 2010 Rose of Tralee tour. It will be hard and it will be painful, and every step will be dedicated to Adrienne and all those who have suffered loss through aneurysms in Ireland.

    Please share the news of this fundraiser and show your support of this challenge by donating now: http://bit.ly/1d9THO6 — The Gathering Ireland 2013, Tourism Ireland, CIE Tours International are some of our proud sponsors of the New York, New Jersey Rose of Tralee Center, what better way for our Roses to promote them by doing what they love to do best and attending events through their dance, music, sports, arts and family.... this is how, as I said earlier; how arts and culture play a critical role in a balanced and enriched community and discovering the cultural opportunities in New York, Ireland and beyond.

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