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RinceInniu.ie is an interactive website where the dancing community of any organisation is welome to participate and be part of a new and forward looking addition to the Irish Dancing community. RinceInniu.ie applauds all the organisations , teachers, parents, vendors and dancers and all those whose main aim is to keep the tradition of Irish Dancing alive . We believe the dancers deserve a platform to fully showcase their talents . This website is for all participants at whatever level they are at .Highs and lows are part of life along with achievements and disappointments . Through photography , video ,articles and opinion pieces we hope to be the catalyst or springboard for all the partisipating talent that are members to the site. All members are welcome to contribute to this site and let our wider community know of their achievements . This will not be an anonymous site where forums can be used for questionable purposes . This is a serious site and therefore reasoned and rational acticles will appear and where there will always be a right to reply. RinceInniu.ie is for You. To serve your needs and to reflect whatever it is You deem as important to the Dancing community of Today .Stories and photographs welcomed . Why not start now ?

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